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The projects and programs of Waltham Fields Community Farm (WFCF) are inspired by our core mission, that integrates:

We are focused on supporting local hunger relief and food access efforts by providing fresh produce donations to emergency food programs in the Greater Boston Area; operating a special farmer's market for low income households, called the Waltham Fields Outreach Market; engaging in farm-to-school distributions with the Waltham Public Schools; and offering subsidized/half-price CSA shares. We aim to provide 22% of our harvests of our fresh, organically grown vegetables to our food access efforts, which amounts to goal of $80,000 worth in 2017.

We seek to reconnect people with the knowledge of how food is produced. Children and adults learn about farming and food production, farm-to-table recipe preparation, natural sciences and enironmental stewardship when they come to WFCF to work in the fields and greenhouses and participate in our programming. Guided by experienced staff, field volunteers help sow seeds, transplant seedlings, weed and harvest crops. Educational programs include Children's Learning Garden Programs, adult workshop offerings, public events, special service learning opportunities, and our Farmer Training program for people who have had some previous experience on farms or in the sustainable agriculture field and are serious about pursuing farming as a career.

The Children's Learning Garden Program began in 1998 as a joint project with Cambridge Camping Association's Cambridge Adventure Day Camp. The program was set up to give inner-city youth the opportunity to learn about how food grows. In 2007, we were able to expand the number of children served by offering additional programs through the Waltham Recreation Department, and today we also administer a few of these programs ourselves.

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share program started in 1997 and continues to be our main revenue-supporting program which supplies over 500 households with fresh, organically-grown vegetables throughout the growing season, and half that amount through a winter share program with several distributions in Nov. and Dec. All pick ups take place at the farm and include opportunities to get out into the fields to do some pick-your-own, engage with the land, experience food production first-hand, enjoy some of the precious open space in this highly populated region.

WFCF's community is defined by our location in an urban environment, members/donors who support us, our CSA shareholders, people that participate in our educational programs and offer their time and talents, and the extended network of groups who collaborate with us to support common goals. From WFCF's inception, members and volunteers have formed the core of our community.

  • We believe that farming is a valuable and honorable occupation.
  • We subscribe to organic farming methods that respect natural systems and enhance the health of our environment and community.
  • We celebrate the beauty of fertile fields and the taste of heirloom crops.

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