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Mar 2018

We only have about 80 shares left, and they are going fast!  Order yours today!


All Ages Welcome on Saturdays, however - youth under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Youth ages 15-17 must have their contact form and waiver signed by a…


Join us in the fields this season! Geared toward adult volunteer activities.  Come by on Fridays and lend a hand and be a part of community supported agriculture, food access, and…

Sep 2017

Prep Time: 25 minutes  Cook Time: 30 Minutes     Serves: 4 Ingredients olive oil 1 small yellow onion, finely…

Aug 2017

I haven't been farming for very long, and I don't know what more seasoned folks would say, but I feel that farming is humbling work.  Heck, I wouldn't even consider…

Jun 2017

Summer Solstice Full moon, evening star out on the night before the Solstice. Summer is already here though, contrary to the weatherman; Flowers blooming, warm…

Mar 2017

Arugula is sometimes also referred to as Rocket. It is a relative of the mustard family which might explain its tender zippy flavor. It is native to the Mediterranean region…

Mar 2017

A vibrant, earthy vegetable, beets add color, flavor, and lots of nutrients to any meal. Just like carrots trace minerals lie just below the surface of the skin so avoid…

Aug 2016

Although last week brought more of the same - yup, hot and dry - by Friday we at least had the first cloud cover that we've seen in weeks. The…

Jul 2016

As I see it now, the theme of the summer is easily summed up in two words: HOT and DRY.  It literally feels like the dust bowl out there and…

Jul 2016

It seems as though the season is moving along at such a quick pace.  It's already the second week of July!  Cooler weather crops have come and gone, and we…

Jun 2016

From my nine seasons on this wonderful farm I have lots of photographs. I have been here so long that I have pictures that are actually printed out on paper!…

Crop Mobsters rescuing the Swiss chard!
Jun 2016

Summer time is upon us in full bloom and I must say when I step back, breathe, and look at the whole picture, the farm is absolutely radiant.  The sun…

Anna, Erinn, Janelle, and the early season garlic.
Jun 2016

The past week has been all about finding our harvest rhythm again and these smaller early harvests make it a bit easier for us to do that. Just like that,…

Oct 2015

Obligingly, the weather and light have made abrupt changes, ushering in the end of our summer season together.  The golden sunlight at 4pm yesterday was beautiful but weak and waning. …

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