At Waltham Fields Community Farm, our Field Trips, Farm Visits, and In-Classroom Visits combine farm exploration, interactive discussion, and hands-on gardening to create a unique experience that addresses school curriculum topics while also making important Farm-To-Table connections. We offer a variety of different farm visits that are designed for flexibility so as to fit with a variety of topics and to change with the seasons and daily rhythms of the Farm.

Farm Visits

A Farm Visit at Waltham Fields Community brings classrooms curriculum to life by combining farm exploration, interactive discussion, and hands-on gardening to create a unique experience. Farm Visit activities are designed for flexibility to fit with current classroom studies, seasons and daily rhythms of the Farm. If you do not see a topic that you would like to have your farm visit focus on, please contact us. Our farm visits are priced according to length and materials used. Please note that we do offer full and partial scholarships to low-income schools. Please contact the Education Director, Alex Lennon-Simon for more information.

Field Trips for PreK-6th Graders 

  • Pollinators & Pests: Insects on the Farm (1.5hrs) - Tour the farm and look for insects that help or harm our plants. We will visit the beehives, study other farm insects, and play games about pollination. $10/participant. For more information, contact: Alexandra Lennon-Simon, Education Programs & Community Outreach Manager 240 Beaver Street Waltham, MA 02452 Phone: 781-899-2403 x2 E-mail:
  • Compost and Soil Science (1.5hrs) - Explore the wonderful world under the ground! Groups will visit compost piles, the worm farm, discover other composting creatures, and play compost games. Older groups will learn about the nitrogen cycle as well as more complex earth science concepts. $10/participant.
  • Eat the Rainbow: Plant Parts & Nutrition (2hrs) - What part of the plant is a carrot? How about a cabbage? Explore the different plants we eat, learning their botanical functions and nutritional components. Then create a healthy farm-fresh snack in our outdoor, solar-powered kitchen! $12/participant.

Field Trips for 6th-12th Graders

  • Sustainable Agriculture Tour & Farming Experience (3hrs) - Spend a morning or afternoon on the farm, watering, weeding and harvesting. Get your hands dirty while learning about sustainable farming, organic practices, and local food systems. $15/participant.
  • Farm to Table: Sustainable Farming & Eating (3hrs) -  Learn about the importance of supporting and cooking with local foods. Prepare and enjoy snacks made from our vegetables in our outdoor, solar-powered kitchen. $15/participant.
  • Farmer for a Day/Week: Visit the farm for an extended day, or up to a whole week! Work on larger-scale farm projects such as garden design, or studying the local ecology. Please contact the Education & Outreach Manager for scheduling and fees. 

After deciding which visit is best for your group, follow this link to schedule your Farm Visit today!