photo - peas

photo by Liz Fuller

Sweet fresh peas from the farm truly exemplify the advantages of fresh local food. These peas are a far cry from the canned peas and carrots of your childhood. There are three categories of peas that are grown at Waltham Fields Community Farm.

  1. English Peas are the traditional shelling pea. These are picked when the peapod is nice and plump. The pods of these peas are tough and stringy so the peas are removed before cooking. Shelled peas can be added to soups, stews, sautes, or pasta sauces. You can also blanch peas (2-4 minutes, just until the color brightens) and add to pasta, rice, grain, or mixed green salads.
  2. Sugar Snap Peas are a favorite raw pea. They are best when picked when the pod is plump but still tender. To string the pod snap off the stem tip toward the flat side of the pod and pull downward. If the pod is getting thick and tough or if a recipe calls for shelled peas you can also shell sugar snap peas. They can be added to stir-fries and sautes. They are great in chilled salads either raw or cooked. Sugar snap peas never need to be cooked for long, a minute or two is usually enough.
  3. Snow Peas are a classic stir-fry pea but they are also great in other sautes and even raw (or lightly steamed) and added to salads. These are picked when the pod is wide and thin. As with sugar snap peas be careful not to overcook snow peas, when mixing with other vegetables add them in the last few minutes of cooking time.

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