Farm Friends eNewsletter                            March 2018
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Get your kids outside this year!
Ready to volunteer?
Farm Wish List
Community Events
Spring Farm Update
SNAP/HIP Program
CSA Shares For Sale
Sprout 2018
Learning Garden programs are now available!

Registration is now open for Spring & Summer farm education programs, for ages 2-13! Learn how to grow and cook your own farm-fresh vegetables, care for chickens and so much more!

Drop-in volunteers begin this Friday!

Starting March 9th, we welcome volunteers aged 18+ to help start our growing season! Join us in the greenhouse on Friday mornings for seeding fun. (Got kids who love to help? Next month we'll have all ages drop-in hours on Saturdays, too)  

Wish List
  • one-sided printer paper
  • banana boxes from the produce section of your grocery store for donation packing (email Farmer Anna for drop-off instructions)
  • electronic kitchen scale
  • Volunteer to raise and manage egg-layer chickens at WFCF, incorporating into education program and visitor experience.
Community Events

Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation
Mar 10, 7-11pm

Camellia Blooming Sale
Historic New England, Lyman Estate
through March 23, -4pm

Waltham Family School

Waltham Land Trust
Sat, Mar 10, 10-12pm
Stonehurst:The Robert Treat Paine Estate
100 Robert Treat Paine Dr., Waltham

Waltham Walks on National Walk Day!
Meet at Waltham Common.
Wed, April 4, 5pm
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Spring Farm Update
Spring is coming! We've been getting boxes of seeds coming in by the week. Our potting soil has been delivered, the heat has been turned on and working spaces are all prepped and ready in the greenhouses - the farmers are eager to start growing seedlings! We are so happy to welcome back our seasonal farmers Dan, Janelle & Naomi. We are interviewing and hiring for Field Crew, Weed Crew, Educators, Barn Assistant, Outreach Market Assistant and Youth Crew so we will be staffed and ready for a great season! 
We can't wait to welcome our community back into the fields. Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

Keep SNAP and HIP Strong
The current Administration is proposing some big changes in how SNAP (Food Stamps) recipients receive their benefits. This article details the current proposed changes and concerns many have about it.
This article by Andy Fisher, longtime community food security advocate, is a provocative look at how the SNAP program has changed over the years, and how corporate food interests are often the very ones helping to create a market for SNAP recipients.

Help save HIP! This is the Healthy Incentives Program that was incredibly successful last year in helping SNAP recipients buy fresh local produce. SNAP users got extra benefits to spend at farmer's markets and purchase directly from farmers, resulting in a win-win for both parties. But the HIP program was so successful that it ran out of money early, and after only one year, is currently suspended! Learn more about how you can help HIP here
2018 CSA Shares
CSA Share - garlic scapes  
CSA vegetable shares for the 2018 season are now for sale!  Summer, Winter and Flower shares are all available, at least for now!  
If you're interested in a Waltham Fields CSA, register today before they are gone
Sprout 2018 is Friday, June 15th
Come to Sprout 2018_
Mark your calendars! Our annual Silent Auction and annual Sprout event is happening on June 15 at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham. Please join us in celebration and support of another growing season with great food, drinks, music and phenomenal auction items.

Learn more at Sprout 2018!
Purchase Tickets Today!
Do you have a great item to donate to the silent auction?

Interested in volunteering? We are currently seeking volunteers for the following committees:
  • Auction Procurement
  • Guest Experience
  • Fundraising Development
  • Setup & Decorations
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Breakdown & Cleanup
Contact WFCF's Sprout Coordinator, Myriam Michel with questions and interest.
Waltham Fields Community Farm Current Staff:  

Erinn Roberts, Head Farm Manager
Anna Kelchlin, Assistant Farm Manager
Alex Lennon-Simon, Education Director
Marla Rhodes, Volunteer and Development Coordinator
Lauren Trotogott, Farmstand and Distribution Manager
Kamelia Aly, Bookkeeper and Office Coordinator

Janelle Plummer, Field Manager
Dan Roberts, Equipment Supervisor
Naomi Shea, Greenhouse Production Supervisor

Banner Photo Credit:  Saul Blumethal
Waltham Fields Community Farm, 240 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452