August 2008
Waltham Fields Community Farm
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 Dirty your hands & clean your minds! 
Farm volunteering can be an empowering experience - an opportunity to connect with others and with the land, to learn about sustainable food production, and to contribute to meaningful work.

 Bsby Nico in WFCF onesie

Support outreach and education efforts at Waltham Fields Community Farm by buying organic & fair trade t-shirts and baby onesies, as well as tote bags made out of recycled fabric.  A variety of colors and sizes are available.  Merchan
dise will be available at all of our upcoming events - we accept cash or checks. See our website for more details:

Wish List
- laptop computer
- kids garden tools
- a used but fully
  functional refrigerator
- volunteers with        
  carpentry skills
To donate, please contact Claire at claire@



Waltham Day of Play Saturday, Sept. 27
1:00 to 4:00 PM  Waltham Town Common 
This year's Day of Play will focus on fun ways to engage families and kids in physical activity and healthful lifestyles.
Faire on the Square Saturday, Sept. 27 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM  Watertown Square 
This event brings residents together for a day of fun activities celebrating the rich diversity of Watertown.

Dear Farm Friend,

Summer is in full swing, and so is the farm - despite all the rain!  The Children's Learning Garden has been expanded this year to include a flourishing pumpkin patch, and several theme gardens including a 3-sisters garden, sensory garden, salsa garden, and pizza garden.  Instruction continues to focus on lessons adapted from the Teaching Peace Through Gardening curriculum. 
Our weekly Martha Creedon Outreach Market is providing fresh, sustainably-grown produce to low-income residents at the affordable price of $5/bag and we are donating generously to hunger relief partners such as Food For Free, The Red Cross, Salvation Army and Sandra's Lodge. 

If you haven't been by to visit us yet this year, feel free to come walk around or picnic on the property, take part in our upcoming 3rd Sunday Gatherings, and/or set up a time to  volunteer.

Happy Summer,
Claire Kozower, Executive Director
Upcoming Events

Third Sunday Gatherings
Join us at the farm on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  Come for all parts of the event or any part that suits you!
Family-friendly volunteer activities.
Come for as little or as much time as you like.
Community potluck - bring your favorite seasonal dish.
Early evening workshop 
Upcoming Workshop Topics:
Sunday, August 17th
Enjoy a hands-on workshop in the herb garden with Herbalist Educator, Iris Weaver 

Sunday, September 21st 
Learn about energy efficient home strategies with the folks from Energy Smackdown and review basic bike maintentance with Natasha Hawke, one of our CSA distribution coordinators.

Partnering with other farms in promotion of regional agriculuture!

Waltham Fields Community Farm has a stated goal to support local farms and farmers, and we try to do this in several ways.  One avenue through which we do this is by helping to connect our shareholders and members with other local farms besides our own.  If someone stops by the farm to see if they can purchase vegetables, instead of turning them away after explaining how our CSA program works, we direct them to an information sheet detailing nearby farmers' markets, farm stands and pick-your-own operations where their needs can be met.  Additionally, we have several formal partnerships with area farms in which we purchase from them directly and include their products in our CSA share offerings (such as sweet corn from Verrill Farm, potatoes and winter squash from Picadilly Farm, and fruit for our Apple Share from Autumn Hills Orchard).  We also serve as a distribution site for independently run cooperatives, including Chestnut Farms meat CSA and The Honey Farm honey CSA.

Partners' farms in the spotlight: 

Verrill Farm is in Concord, MA and operates one of the State's first Integrated Pest Management farms.  If you've never checked out their farm stand, you're missing out on the opportunity to buy products from many local farms, take-out food made on the premises, and Verrill's own produce.  Verrill Farm hosts lots of family-friendly festivals including the upcoming Corn and Tomato Festival.

Corn & Tomato Festival:
Sat. and Sun., August 16th & 17th
Sample fresh tomatoes and corn and recipes prepared by the farm stand kitchen.  Enjoy live music, pony and hay rides.
Picadilly Farm is located the southwestern corner in Winchester, New Hampshire and run by Bruce and Jenny Wooster.  Jenny worked for Waltham Fields Community Farm in 2001, and is happy to be collaborating with us in growing great vegetables using sustainable practices to meet the food needs of New England residents.  In the interest of the local community and economy, Bruce and Jenny welcome visitors and are happy to talk with you and show you what they do!  

If you're not signed up for one of our apple shares from Autumn Hills Orchard, or even if you are - nothing beats picking your own. Autumn Hills is located in Groton, MA and it opens to the public for pick your own fruits in September.  They grow over 20 varieties of apples, two varieties of pears, plums and raspberries, available for u-pick. 
Our vegetable farm was happy to host a visit with two of Chestnut Farms baby goats during the meat CSA pick-up this month.  Everyone here loved the chance to interact with these playful animals - see the picture of Rich, Kim and their son Sam with the happy goats below!  Chesnut Farms is located in Hardwick, MA.  They raise cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens and turkeys using humane practices that demonstrate a better solution than the commercial, feed-lot, hormone-laden, mass production of animals that has become par for the course in bringing our meat to our tables these days.  Chestnut Farms welcomes visitors to their farm from 3-7pm the first Tuesday of the month. 
 Chestnut Ridge Farm Family
The Honey Farm (THF)
The Honey Farm was started recently by one of our vegetable CSA distribution coordinators, Natasha Hawke.  Nastasha's goal for the THF is to cultivate and distribute local honey, as well as to provide education about bees and honey to the public.  Natasha was thrilled to advertise her honey CSA to Waltham Field's shareholders and use the farm as a distribution site, similar to Chesnut Farms.  THF is a project of Kaleidoscope Education, Inc., a non-profit charitable corporation.  Honey shares are sold out for this season, but you can become a member now and be informed about future share availability and hive tours by contacting Natasha Hawke at
Practical Skills Workshops sponsored by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA):
The Massachusetts Chapter of NOFA has been sponsoring practical skills workshops for several years now.  One of their upcoming offerings focuses on food preservation, a topic many of our members have expressed interest in learning more about. 
Saturday, Sept. 27th - Putting Food By 
Many Hands Organic Farm
Barre, MA   9AM-4PM
Learn to can, freeze, ferment, dry and lacto-ferment foods from the season's harvest.
NOFA Members: $50   Non-members: $56

Other upcoming practical skills workshops include one on creating school gardens, and another on living in balance.  See the NOFA Massachusetts website for more information.

The Staff of Waltham Fields Community Farm,
Amanda Cather, Farm Manager
Debra Guttormsen, Administrative & Finance Coordinator
Amanda Jellen, Farm Crew
Paula Jordan, Children's Learning Garden Assistant
Claire Kozower, Executive Director
Jonathan Martinez, Assistant Grower
Dan Roberts, Farm Crew
Erinn Roberts, Assistant Grower
Andy Scherer, Assistant Farm Manager
Mark Walter, Children's Learning Garden Coordinator