Very helpful shareholder Marie wrote in that she had found a great tip about freezing spinach:

Yes, you can definitely freeze your spinach for later use! There are three steps we would recommend in the freezing process.

  1. First, we recommend that you clean your spinach well. Wash off the grit and remove any unhealthy leaves or sections of leaves.
  2. Second, we suggest that you blanch the spinach for two minutes, no more or no less. Blanching simply means placing your cleaned spinach leaves in a covered steamer basket on top of a saucepan that contains boiling water.
    If you blanch your spinach for only a minute, you won't succeed in deactivating enzymes in the spinach. Deactivation of these enzymes is helpful to prevent further ripening of the spinach in your freezer. Color changes, taste changes, and nutrient loss can still take place in your frozen spinach unless these enzymes are first deactivated. If you blanch your spinach for more than two minutes, you will not only deactivate the enzymes, but also cause a significant amount of unnecessary nutrient loss.
  3. Third, we recommend that you chill the spinach in ice water immediately after blanching in order to stop the cooking process and then thoroughly drain the cooled spinach leaves. Only after completing this last step should you go ahead and place the spinach leaves in your freezer bags or other containers for storage in your freezer. The above three steps should provide you with a supply of homegrown, frozen spinach that can last you all the way up until your next year's harvest!

For more information, see The World's Healthiest Foods.


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